'Resistance' is what we are seeing in Caracas

A few years, I got into a debate with a leftist who kept talking about repression.  I finally concluded by saying he wouldn't know repression if it hit him between the eyes.

We hear the word "resistance" as a term for opposing the Trump presidency.  We hear "repression" when we force a college student to walk by a picture of a Confederate officer.

Sorry, but resistance is what you are seeing in the streets of Caracas.  Resistance is actually standing up to troops who shoot back.  Resistance is taking a risk, not shutting down a conservative speaker on campus without consequences.

The situation in Venezuela goes from bad to whatever is worse than worse.  The latest is that women are marching:  

Thousands of people are once again taking to the streets of Caracas, as the capital of Venezuela braces for another day of rival protests amid escalating tensions over the country's political crisis.

Opposition leaders called for women to march on Saturday dressed in white, a traditional show of defiance, against what they brand a repressive government led by President Nicolas Maduro. 

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman, reporting from Caracas, said the march had started in the eastern part of the city and was heading towards the foreign ministry.

You want resistance?  You have it down in Caracas.

There was a young man in Venezuela holding a placard yesterday.  In English, it said: "I have never seen so many unarmed who are courageous and so many armed who are cowards" (via Babalu).

Resistance is about a dictator who has canceled the constitution and shoots people.  It makes me sick to hear spoiled children in the U.S. talk about "resistance."

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