Report: Brit Special Forces sniper takes out ISIS sniper 1.5 miles away

Imagine firing a gun and taking out a sniper so far away that the bullet takes three seconds to arrive, traveling at supersonic speed.  With one shot!  An unnamed British SAS Special Forces sniper is reported to have done just that.

The UK Daily Star has the story:

The long-range shot took place almost two weeks ago as part of a counter-sniper operation during the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The SAS soldier, a sergeant who was a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, hit the Iraqi in the throat as he left a burned-out building.

The Daily Star Sunday understands the sniper was using the CheyTac M200 Intervention gun, said to be the most accurate rifle ever made.

It holds the record for the world's longest shot and can reportedly reach distances of up to 3,000m using a special .408 round.

Here is a picture of the CheyTac M200:

The bolt-action rifle is used by US special forces and it is believed the weapon was on loan to the SAS as part of a battlefield trial.

Now, that is what I call an ally!  Friends helping out friends.

The terrorist, also operating as a sniper, was equipped with a Russian Dragunov rifle and had killed and wounded several soldiers.

The gunman would open fire, take down his target and wait for up to an hour before shooting again, our source said.

So, on the other side, it was also friends helping friends?  ISIS being helped by Russia?  Costing lives on our side.  I suppose the Russians can claim that this was a black-market purchase.

This guy had to be taken out, and the SAS had the man and the machine for the job.

The [British] trooper only fired one shot during a four-hour game of "cat-and-mouse" with his Islamic State foe.

For obvious reasons we cannot heap praise on this sharpshooter, whoever he is.  And even if we knew his name, we could not offer enough praise.  But he is an amazing warrior.

Hat tip: John McMahon

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