President Trump's greatest policy failure

President Trump never promised to use the court system to "make America great again," but he should have.

If the Justice Department had taken Lois Lerner to court and she had been convicted, she would have lost her pension.  Among the reasons civil servants are so enamored of their federal jobs is because they can look forward to retiring early and comfortably, unlike the proletariat, who must now work themselves unto death.  Had she been convicted, Lois would have become a shining example of what happens to leftist ideologues when they replace pure thoughts about serving their country with ideology about what is best for the ordinary folk.  Civil servants should have a conscience, but not political penchants.  If conscience seizes them, they can report wrongdoing within the system or become public whistleblowers.  However, behaving as did Lois Lerner makes the government a tool of the left and the powerful interests that support it.  Using the government institutions to suppress people with whom she disagreed was a political act.  No civil servant should have a God-given right to act on his political convictions and, in so doing, lord it over others.

The problem with President Trump not resorting to the use of the court system to prosecute members of the conspiratorial Obama claque is that we fall into the leftist ideological trap of degrading the use of law as a support for our hard-won civilization.  The proper leftist sees "law" as an obstacle to the implementation of cultural Marxism.  Among early Marxists, law was seen as a tool of the capitalist class for suppressing the downtrodden workers.  Today, such claims would elicit snickering from everyone who is not a Marxist.  So they repress their irrational but still strongly held beliefs.  Rather, when in power, the left quietly ignores the law and depends upon its positions to impose its will.  A drugged quiet is a requirement for the use of the left's power, because it saves leftists the energy of having to defend their machinations.  Quiet rots the public disapproval of their activities.  The opposition loses steam as promises are made to investigate this or that alleged act, because collective memory is short, perhaps only 24 hours.  In that way, there do not have to be any arrests, charges, firings, or withholding of salaries.  The single most dramatic and heavy-handed characteristic of the Obama administration was its policy of not imposing any consequences for violations of law or corrupting the foundational institutions of America.

In summary, people should not be able violate the law without consequences.  Notwithstanding the successful appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch, if President Trump continues allowing courts to wither from lack of use, the left will have won a massive victory.  He may lose some future battles in the third branch of government, but he will have retained the brilliant structure of our Constitution.  Let us at least try to lock Lois up.

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