Obamacare killed 80,000 people in 2015

Guy Benson at Townhall puts the lie to Democrat accusations that the GOP "repeal and replace" bill will kill Americans.  It seems that Obamacare has already done that.  Quoting Oren Cass over at National Review, it turns out that fewer people – not more people – had health insurance after Obamacare.  The only increase in "coverage" was Medicaid, but, sadly, it turns out that Medicaid kills people.  It's better to have no medical insurance at all.   This public-versus-private distinction is crucial, because studies of Medicaid do not find the same positive effects on mortality sometimes seen in studies of private insurance. Researchers have found that Medicaid patients with a variety of conditions and medical needs experience worse outcomes than similar uninsured patients. ... Public-health data from the Centers for Disease Control confirm... [that h]ad mortality continued to decline during ACA implementation...(Read Full Post)