NYT tries to torpedo purchase of TV stations by conservatives

The Sinclair group, which owns 173 television stations, is in the process of acquiring 42 more, and the New York Times doesn't like that.  It has run a hit piece claiming that Sinclair's local stations produce politically biased news – conservative news, that is – therefore making Sinclair unfit to own more of them. As Sinclair prepares to expand its stable of local TV stations with a proposed acquisition of Tribune Media  –  which would add 42 stations to Sinclair's 173  –  advocacy groups have shown concern about the size and reach the combined company would have. What "advocacy groups" would those be?  Have those advocacy groups also shown concern about liberal bias at the top American newspapers and national news broadcasts?  Probably not. Critics of the deal also cite Sinclair's willingness to use its stations to advance a mostly right-leaning...(Read Full Post)