MSNBC terrorism analyst: ‘Maybe Kushner planned to send nuclear codes to Russia’

Media frenzy over Jared Kushner talking to someone in Russia has reached absurd levels. The most heinous products of a hateful imagination are now being offered to the nation’s public as “news” and “analysis.” Based on nothing at all, accusations of treason are now being hurled at Jared Kushner, in a blood sport frenzy.

The fact that Jared Kushner has just returned from accompanying his father-in-law on a trip that restructured the power alignment of the Middle East to America’s advantage is a major part of the animus. That he, an observant Orthodox Jew who got his fiancée to convert, played a key role in moving the Saudi monarchy toward reconciliation with Israel and alignment against Iran is his greatest crime in the eyes of hysterical leftists. He helps the president  contradict a litany of progressive beliefs that have become a catechism: Trump is an anti-Semite; he is too stupid and clumsy to be allowed access to the nation’s diplomacy; and Trump hates Muslims.

MSNBC’s terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance, a former Navy cryptologist, has a track record of horrifying rhetoric:


But he managed to outdo himself on  the subject of Jared Kushner, speculating that his alleged search for private communications with Russia meant he was planning to and over out nuclear codes, presumably to allow Russia to neutralize them and defeat the United States in a confrontation.  This would be treason beyond that of the Rosenbergs, handing the crown jewel of America’s secrets to our enemy in order to defeat us.


Mr. Nance apparently still has his job at MSNBC.

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