Media deploying polling as anti-Trump campaign continues

The effort to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election continues.  The strategy now seems to be to panic GOP members of Congress into believing that they will go down in flames if they even hint at support for President Trump in the face of the overwhelming propaganda campaign run by the media and Democrats.  The fantasy animating this effort is that a group of federal legislators will tell President Trump that he has no support, and to avoid being impeached and convicted, he must resign, à la President Nixon.  

If we are to believe a poll published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, this fantasy is closer to realization.  Reid J. Epstein writes:

Americans in swing counties are souring on President Donald Trump's job performance, according to a new poll released Thursday by Monmouth University. Among people in 300 swing counties, Mr. Trump's standing dropped to 34% approve and 54% disapprove in May, from 41% approve and 46% disapprove in March.

Richard Baehr provides a little context:

Monmouth was a terrible  pollster in 2016.  It had consistently weak numbers for Trump.  Trump's approval is now the same as Obama after the ACA passed – negative by 15 points.  Of course, swing counties will reflect that.  The difference is that Trump dropped 5 points since his inauguration, while Obama dropped 20 from his.

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