Maxine Waters just can't shut up

Does Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) have a verbal diarrhea problem? Apparently, yes, considering that it was Democrats in her home state of California who had to yank the microphone on her when she ignored her alloted time, wrecked the local Democratic Party convention speaker schedule, and just wouldn't shut up.

Naturally, this has created a brouhaha among her loyal supporters, who - give it time - will undoubtedly be calling it racism. The Los Angeles Times has a series of video clips in a blog post, submitted without comment.

It's not the first time it's happened, either. Way back when. I recall Waters did the same thing at a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims in South Central Los Angeles about a decade ago. There had been a march and demonstration with Mardi Gras costumes, assorted New Orleans conventions and customs observed since the organizers wanted it to be as authentic as possible in their meticulous planning, then a table event with speeches in a nearby community hall. Authentic Creole food was prepared and steaming in bowls were reader for the hungry, largely African American participants. Before the food could be served, the organizers wanted to recognize Congresswoman Waters who had come to the event. So as the hungry demonstrators waited. And the smell of the delicious food tantalized them. And the minutes - and minutes and minutes - dragged on to half and whole hours - as Maxine Waters talked. She wouldn't stop. She would not stop. She really did think the event was all  about her and her right to go on and on and on as the audience fidgeted. The polite audience should have just stampeded for the food anyway but the organizers waited. And then she kept talking. The food got cold. It just didn't stop her.

The only thing that could be concluded from this fiasco was that Waters was one heck of a selfish and undisciplined person. Sure, she's made fun of by the right for her junk thinking, but the real problem she has is self-centeredness. She really doesn't think of anyone else besides herself. 

The Democrats running their local convention tried to instill some discipline, given that she's not the only lefty who likes to run her mouth on and on and on and on. But they got pushback and probably will never try that again.

Incredibly, Waters is being heralded back in Washington D.C. in the Beltway press as the new Democratic standard-bearer. If this is the best they've got, they've got a problem.

It shows a considerableshows what a wretched situation the Democrats have. Waters, remember, is being promoted back in Washington


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