Lasering in on taxes, Trump rises in the polls: IBD/TIPP

Is Kellyanne Conway finally baaack?  I've seen her starting to reappear a bit on Twitter, and perhaps her influence is returning after the assorted White House minions buried her somewhere in the West Wing.  But we are now seeing more of her, at least on Twitter.  And most importantly, we are seeing more of her thinking on something that matters.

Seems the Kellyanne Formula of focusing and sticking to the issues – in this case, tax cuts – is doing the same thing for President Trump that it did for Candidate Trump during times of unfocused political confusion...leading to his rise in the polls.

As this one here shows.

IBD/TIPP, the most reliable of all the presidential polls, and one whose merits I am well aware of, having worked for Investor's Business Daily until last year, is reporting that Trump has seen a five-point overall rise in his approval rating directly tied to his focus on tax reform.  It's about what you'd expect: the Democrats hate it, and the Republicans like it.  But the momentum is clearly shifting toward Trump.

What's more, the public is with Trump on every significant detail of his tax plan, including his interest in getting the corporate rate cut to 15% in line with international standards.  That 15% is what would make America competitive globally.  Big-time competitive – if the tax rates are the same, why would any investor want to do business with anyone else when you can have the vast U.S. market?  That suggests a sophisticated growth in public understanding of how taxes work and may help encourage Team Trump to bear down harder on this vital reform.

As many of us recall, President Reagan got his tax cut done fairly early, and the economy exploded with economic activity, allowing cash from taxes to flow into government coffers.  That cash in turn was enough to finance the military buildup, which took down the communist Soviet Empire and freed millions from socialist slavery.  All without firing a shot.

Trump is old enough to remember it, as are many of us.  Now the polls are confirming that the public knows it, too, and better still, indicating that it is a smarter public than Reagan had to deal with in 1982.  Does this portend success in this plan?  How could it not?

Bore on, Mister President – prosperity is ahead, and the public is with you!  The Kellyanne Formula is always a winner.

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