James the Great and James the Less: Clapper defends Comey

James Clapper, Obama's DNI chief, tried to aid James Comey, Obama's FBI director.  Clapper, in an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell, said Comey felt uneasy about having dinner with President Trump on January 27, 2017 because he felt it might compromise the FBI.

According to Clapper:

"He mentioned that he had been invited to the White House to have dinner with the president and he was uneasy with that[.] ... Comey didn't want to create "the appearance of compromising the integrity of the FBI."

Too bad NBC had Andrea Mitchell instead of real journalist interview Clapper.  A journalist would have questioned Clapper by asking:

  1. Did Comey believe that the integrity of the FBI was compromised when Terry McAuliffe, friend of Hillary, donated $700,000 to the political campaign of Jill McCabe, wife of assistant FBI director Andrew McCabe?  McCabe was involved in investigating Hillary for her illegal use of a private unsecured email server.  Did Comey ask McCabe to recuse himself, or better yet, give back the $700,000?  Was McCabe warned, reprimanded, or otherwise spoken to about this?
  2. Was the integrity of the FBI compromised when Comey questioned Hillary not under oath and gave immunity to Hillary's assistants?  Granting immunity is usually the function of the Justice Department in consultation with the FBI.
  3. Was the integrity of the FBI compromised when Comey took it upon himself to make the decision whether to indict Hillary instead of following procedure to give the results of the investigation to the Justice Department for its review as to whether to indict?
  4. Was the integrity of the FBI investigation of Hillary compromised when Bill Clinton met with Comey's boss, Obama's attorney general, Lynch, days before Comey gave Hillary a pass?
  5. Was the integrity of the FBI compromised when Comey listed all the facts that warranted an indictment of Hillary but declined to indict because he added the requirement of "intent" that is not in the statutes – and worse, the issue of intent is for a judge or jury to infer from the facts?

The bottom line is that it is not the integrity of the FBI that is the issue.  It is the integrity of James Comey. 

Of course, Clapper is not the best witness for credibility.  He admitted that he lied to Congress about the NSA's bulk collection of data – not exactly a minor issue.

Or maybe Comey can use John Brennan, but Brennan also lied when he denied that the CIA had hacked the computers of Senate staff members.

Who else from the Obama administration can help Comey?  Susan Rice, the liar of Benghazi?  Hillary?  Bill Clinton, perjurer?

The Opposition Party, consisting of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, is in full defense mode to support Comey, after it attacked him following the release of the October 28, 2016 letter.  They now want to rehabilitate him as a hardworking, honest FBI director who was fired because of the "Russia investigation," and nobody knows what that investigation is about.

Fortunately, President Trump is not like George W. Bush, who failed to fight back and respond to attacks.