It's not easy being Bernie Sanders...

No doubt about it: It's tough being Bernie Sanders or one of his supporters.

In a piece picked up by the Daily Caller, Politico checked what was going on in the Bernie camp and found an oasis of dejection.  They just can't win elections.  They just can't get a fair break.

"We're really good on the messaging and the rallies," Wendy Carrillo, a Sanders-supporting immigrants' rights activist told Politico. "But it needs to It translate into votes."

Whine.  Whine.  Whine.  It just goes to show the hollow core of this Bernie movement.  Does it ever occur to these people that Bernie Sanders is selling something well past its sell-by date – namely, socialism?  And that voters don't want socialism, given what happened in one of the nations that Sanders has championed, Venezuela?

They don't get it that there's a problem in the platform.

But if they think it's party organization that's a problem, they are wrong on that front, too.

Bernie Sanders was treated execrably by the Democratic establishment during the primaries that saw the nomination of Hillary Clinton to the Democratic ticket.  WikiLeaks showed one dirty trick after another pulled on his campaign and raised legitimate questions about whether the real winner of the primary really was Bernie.

Did Bernie fight the power on this?  No, he did not.  He bowed out gracefully and retired to one of his multiple Vermont properties, which somehow fell into his hands and became known shortly after he conceded the nomination to Hillary.  He didn't fight and swing for his voters; he just went into oblivion as the Democratic Party machine wanted him to do.

Well, is it any wonder his team isn't winning elections?  Donald Trump won the election because voters perceived him to be a fighter, and most liked his commonsense platform.  Bernie, not so much.

Now his supporters are stewing.

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