Israel, according to the Post

In "Confident Trump says he wants to 'prove them wrong' and get a Mideast peace deal" (5/3/17), The Washington Post refers to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas as leader of the "moderate" Palestinian government in the West Bank.  This government has on its payroll Palestinians who are in Israeli prisons for murdering women and children.  Does the Washington Post think that these terrorists are "moderate"?  This so-called "moderate" Abbas government also names squares and schools after suicide bombers and inculcates its youth with Israel-hatred and more specifically Jew-hatred.  It's part of the Palestinian curriculum to not even name Israel as Israel – it names it "Occupied Palestine."

Interestingly, the Post refers to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party as "hard-line."  However, when broaching the subject of the Palestinian political group Hamas, which controls Gaza, the Post passes on a description at all and instead refers to them as a terrorist group according to Israel and the United States.  Not according to Post.  They just can't get themselves to call Hamas "the terrorist group Hamas."

So why is it that the Post refers to Israel as having a "hard-line" government and refers to Palestinian governments as either "moderate" or with no description at all?  If the Post can't see this blatant bias, how is it supposed to be objective when reporting on this conflict?  It is high time for the Post to recuse itself from reporting on Israel since it staff apparently can't see through their own one-sidedness.

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