Indonesia gives men 85 lashes for homosexual acts...and no wedding cake

Two men in Indonesia caught "in the act" were sentenced to 85 lashes by a sharia law court. Two men accused of having sex with each other were each sentenced on Wednesday to 85 lashes in public, the first case of people being punished for homosexuality in the Indonesian province of Aceh under a strict version of Shariah law. News reports said that vigilantes had caught the two men naked in bed, and that the two had pleaded not to be reported to the Shariah police.  You have to wonder how they were caught.  Do the police have roving vans equipped with "gaydar" that picked them up on sensor sweeps?  Or did the police have a man "on the inside"? Homosexuality has been illegal in the highly conservative province since 2014, but this is the first time citizens have been punished for it. The maximum sentence for the crime is 100 lashes, but the court sentenced the men to 85 each after they apologized for their...(Read Full Post)