Hungary’s new border wall is working spectacularly well

Nearly everyone (except for the victorious coalition that elected President Trump) agrees that a border wall will not work in stopping illegal entry to our country.  But an empirical experiment has just been conducted in Hungary.  So whom are we going to believe?  The "experts" or the data? Here is the data, courtesy of Jacob Bojesson of the Daily Caller News Foundation: Hungary's second border fence has just been completed in the southern town of Asotthalom. The 96-mile long, 14 ft. tall double-line of defense doesn't look too intimidating from a distance. Go a little closer and you'll notice several layers of razor-wire capable of delivering electric shocks, cameras, heat sensors and loud speakers ready to tell migrants they're about to break Hungarian law if they as much as touch the fence. Add a few hundred military officers and "border hunters" and it's virtually...(Read Full Post)