Draining the swamp is entertaining!

The firing of James Comey as FBI director has generated more prognostications of President Donald Trump's demise.

If I were given the script to the first four months Trump's presidency, I would be amused.  But now one can see that the real humor comes from the "serious" denunciations of his presidency by the media and pop culture.  They have endorsed the "resist movement" to undermine every aspect of the Trump administration.  Many people I know have joined this movement hoping to stop Trump, whom they feel is illegitimate.   They can't get past the election loss Hillary suffered.

Two weeks ago, Hillary stated that she was on her way to winning the presidency until Comey reopened the Clinton email investigation in October 2016 and the Russians hacked Democratic correspondences.  Sadly, firing Comey for his July 2016 press conference and congressional testimony last week reaffirming his past decisions is not acceptable to the Trump opposition.  They are sure that this "Nixonian" activity is aimed at covering up Russian collusion with Trump's team.  I still am uncertain what law was broken by the Trump team.

Four years from now, the complaints will be similar, since they aim to undermine Trump's every move.  Even some Republicans fear that Trump will succeed in draining the swamp, murky as it is.

Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein, a career professional serving Democrats and Republicans, requested Comey's removal.  His letter is devastating in critiquing Comey's faults.  But, clearly, Trump had issues for almost a year.  He mentioned in his dismissal letter that Comey had indicated that there was no personal link to Russian collusion.  Yet Comey never told the public this during the congressional hearings. 

Perhaps Donald Trump had had enough of this delaying tactic, which was undermining his administration.  Comey had recently requested more funding for the investigation.  To Trump, this was further proof of Washington waste.

Trump's schedule was unusually light yesterday.  Now we know why.

For four months, every day has been exciting.  Trump does not slow down.  The press struggles to keep up.  The one dependable complaint returns to the Russians.  Today, Russian foreign minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak visit the White House in an amusing irony or a kick to the D.C. establishment.

Trump's strategy to clean the swamp is not to focus on one item at a time; instead, he creates some establishment chaos daily that disrupts the equilibrium that allows the entrenched to block his moves.  He is an amateur in politics, but he appears to be an expert.  His communications team is not always allowed to smooth the optics, but then he will always face criticism for every decision.

Donald Trump is a determined person.  He does not allow others to deter him from pursuing his policies.  He was elected to disrupt Washington.  

He plans to undo Obamacare despite congressional weak knees.  He will push for tax reform.  He intends to strengthen the military, repair the veterans' hospitals, and restore our economic vitality and jobs.  He works against the Democrats and many hesitant Republicans, but he continues to enjoy the support of his voters.  If he is successful, then he will enjoy the support of those who hesitated in November.  The establishment (swamp) fears this result, as it threatens the establishment's income and power.  For the bulk of working taxpayers and future generations, Trump's success is our success.

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