Democrats start to worry they are out on a limb with Russia conspiracy theories, and Mueller has a saw

The appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the wild charges of Russian interference in the 2016 election has turned the tables on the conspiracy theorists.  Some are even acknowledging the total lack of evidence behind the media-induced frenzy that grips the Beltway and left-wing crazies, but not most normal Americans.  MSNBC discovered the hard way that the mania gripping Rachel Maddow & Co. at its anchor desks was not shared by the people it interviewed on the street in North Carolina when it took "the pulse of the people." Perhaps remembering what happened to the GOP in the wake of the failed Clinton impeachment trial, Nancy Pelosi urged her House members to squelch their impulse to impeach.  Even rabid Trump-hater Adam Schiff warned the troops: "That's not something that we should be rushing into or rushing to suggest," Schiff told CNN's New...(Read Full Post)