Deep State: Its long list of leaks

The indefatigable Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has done a yeoman's job of cataloguing all of the Deep State's leaks to the press, providing an invaluable record of the extent to which the Deep State and the minions of the press have teamed up to undermine the administration of President Trump.  It shows the extent of the lawbreaking – many of these acts did violate the law – and the tightly intertwined relationship between the press and its leakers.

It's also a useful tool, given its spreadsheet style of presentation.  In laying out the violations end on end, it's possible to see patterns in these anonymous leakings and thus identify the perpetrators, who are too cowardly to come out and be named.

It's also a standing rebuke to those who claim there is no such thing as the Deep State and who downplay the barrage of leaks that have plagued the Trump administration, making President Trump's task all but undoable.  For documenting history alone, the list has value.

It's a great strikeback.  With firings reportedly in the works, let's hope Hoft's list unmasks more leakers.

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