As SWAT teams circle, Obama in Berlin complains about walls

Attempting to upstage President Trump as he travels in Europe, President Obama made an appearance in Germany at the Brandenburg Gate for a rock star welcome.  He also appeared with Chancellor Angela Merkel in a bid to boost her campaign.

Seeking to help Merkel (a woman he spied on to much brouhaha at the time, but this is politics) get re-elected, it's clear that Obama's new game out of office is to have a cadre of like-minded world leaders to obstruct President Trump as he seeks to work with Europe.  (So much for returning to his community organizer roots and helping the black youth or watching Sasha graduate.)  Obama laid out and advocated the full Eurotrashian platform parade of leftist tax-spend-appease-and-open the borders positions at his events, and the German crowds went wild, quite likely in a way they never would with Merkel alone.  Not having had to live with the effects of Obama's low-growth economy, his corruption of the agencies, or the nightmare of Obamacare up close and personal, the man was easy to cheer.

'We can't isolate ourselves. We can't hide behind a wall,' he said, to cheers from the audience.

Merkel, who has taken political heat for her open door policy on refugees, including from Trump who called it a 'catastrophic mistake,' got reassurance from Obama.  

'In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child,' Obama said. 'You can't distinguish between them in terms of their worth or inherent dignity.' 

Here's the irony of all that scolding about walls, and Obama's sudden newfound interest in God as a political ally:

Police helicopters patrolled the skies and snipers with balaclavas watched the scene from nearby rooftops. 

Get that?  Cause.  Effect.  Obama was surrounded by de facto SWAT teams.  Looking for terrorists, rioters, and assassins.  All of these elements are linked to Germany's open door on immigration and its failure to assimilate immigrants so that even their offspring have become human bombs, desperate to go from zero to hero as they listen to radical imams, get drunk on internet message boards, and join Islamist terrorist groups.  The rabid left, of course, helps out with the riots.

Instead of a world of safety for everyone, which is the democratic effect of walls keeping out Islamic terrorists, what's seen here, with the balaclava crowd and the highly trained rooftop snipers keeping guard, is the logical result of Obama's and Merkel's open door policy.  Walls for elites, zero walls for regular people.  And don't think this isn't just what Obama wants.  In Obama's case, he's knowingly let in MS-13 members to wreak havoc on Long Island and in the skeevier parts of Los Angeles County.  Let the little people take the murders.  The elites get SWAT team cordons.  Who knows how many ISIS members have been let in by Obama's policy as well?  We know that Merkel has let them in.

The SWAT teams are evidence of Obama's howling about walls: a new normal of constant terrorist vigilance, of a casual willingness to accept losses among the citizenry, even as world leaders merit the finest in protective cordons.  The elites get security cordons.  The people have to sit there and take it, as leaders like Merkel and Obama virtue-signal about the superiority of having no walls and the wickedness of building any.  They don't care about miscreants and killers getting in.  There are too many political goodies in them.  They want votes, Social Security dollars, and bureaucrat employment opportunities, particularly in the social welfare sector.  No walls makes all that possible.

Will it work?  Will Obama's gambit to cultivate anti-Trump world leaders to obstruct him be successful?  It might be in some place like Germany, where locals seek to erase their own identity and guilt-trip the rest of the world to paper over their National Socialist past.  They'd do anything to get a sense of über-moral superiority again.  But it might not work in the rest of the world, in places where national identity is strong and foreign campaigning often is taken negatively.  Even the closest of allies, such as Britain and the U.S., take foreign campaigning from each other's countries balefully.

Or will the Germans notice the SWAT teams, recognize that as the logical result of open immigration without walls, and ask themselves if this new normal is what they really want more of? 

One hopes for the latter. 

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