Are James and Lachlan the Jared and Ivanka of Fox News?

An older, somewhat conservative man is in charge.  He takes on his children as his advisers.  They drag him to the left.

Sound familiar?

But it's not Jared and Ivanka we're talking about now; it's James and Lachlan Murdoch.  They kicked out Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, allegedly because they liked girls a little too much.  And now they have removed Bill Shine, one of the co-presidents of Fox News.  On his show Monday, Mark Levin said he was convinced that this is part of an effort to make the network more liberal, to reflect the liberal views of James and Lachlan.

In my research on James, I came across this very well written column, which revealed the fact that James is a big believer in global warming.

"I've gotten to know Al [Gore] in a number of different contexts in the last number of years," James Murdoch told the Financial Times in an interview. We "think the same way about the necessity of being realistic concerning the climate crisis," Gore piped in during the same interview.

James is also a big Hillary Clinton supporter.

[H]e supported many Democrats in the 2016 election, including giving $2,700 (the maximum donation) to Hillary Clinton and over $35,000 to other Democratic candidates.

When President Trump announced his temporary ban on visitors from dangerous places like Somalia and Syria, James and Lachlan came out against it:

21st Century Fox chiefs James and Lachlan Murdoch – CEO and chairman, respectively – are the latest corporate leaders to come out against Donald Trump's executive order banning citizens of seven predominately Muslim nations from coming into the United States for 90 days and halting the Syrian refugee program for 120 days.

"21st Century Fox is a global company, proudly headquartered in the U.S., founded by–and comprising at all levels of the business – immigrants," the brothers wrote in an internal memo on Monday, referring to their father, Australian immigrant Rupert Murdoch, the current chairman of Fox News.

You have to wonder how many anchors or newsreaders at Fox News are from Somalia or Sudan.  Was Fox unable to go on the air during the brief time the ban was in effect because their Hezb'allah news anchor couldn't book a flight back to New York?

Lachlan, Rupert, and James.

I can't say I shed any tears for Roger Ailes, if the allegations are true, or Bill O'Reilly, who reminded me of guys in prison who try to use big words but not very successfully.  But with these Murdoch guys cleaning house, you have to wonder if Mark Levin's fears are justified and whether Fox News will morph into Hare News, featuring an eco-green touchy-feely liberal perspective.

Questions for discussion:

1) If James and Lachlan are Jared and Ivanka, which one is Jared, and which one is Ivanka?  Jared looks a little like a young John Malkovich, while Lachlan looks more like Lieb Shriver.

2) If Fox News gave me my own television show (I expect it to happen someday), do you think viewers would be turned off by my big beard and strong Norwegian accent?  (I have a tendency to pronounce Os like the number zero with a slash through it.)

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