Another day, another capitulation to the threat of force on a University of California campus

It's so normal now for universities to surrender when confronted with the fear of force coming from the left that what follows is only local story on Channel 8 in Salinas: Students protesting what they believe is a "hostile climate" toward black students at the University of California Santa Cruz were locked inside an administrative building for three days until they scored a sweeping victory Thursday. Members of the university's African/Black Student Alliance organization took over Kerr Hall Tuesday, locked all of the doors, covered the windows with slogan-filled posters, and vowed to not leave until their demands were met. "If the university fails us, there will be no business as usual," A/BSA told the university's newspaper. That's a pretty explicit threat of disruption by force. But don't worry: a heroic surrender was on the way. Despite fearing for his safety, Chancellor George Blumenthal sat down at a...(Read Full Post)