About that national conversation on race

Charles Barkley is going to go around with a microphone talking to people about racism.  This is supposed to initiate the long-anticipated "national conversation on race" that former attorney general Eric Holder said whites are too cowardly to have.

While we wait for Charles to get started, accusations of whites yelling the n-word come from Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles outfielder.  That ugly, race-tinged things did happen are beyond doubt, as somebody threw peanuts and bananas at Jones in center field during a game.

But the n-word?

Curt Schilling steps forward and says he thinks Jones is lying about the n-word.  Schilling says he will apologize publicly and on television if proven wrong, but I think he has a case.

Time after time over the last 30 years, national outrage has been stirred over an incident that proved white racism – only to turn out to be a lie.  It has taken several forms: a black person accusing whites of shouting the n-word or scrawling the n-word on a dorm door or hanging a lynch rope from a tree or over a door or raping a black woman or smearing a black woman with excrement, and it turns out to be a lie.  It happens all the time.

This kind of lies has kept the race issue white-hot.  Remember the congressmen who said they heard the n-word in the D.C. crowd?  Then videos surfaced of them walking thru that crowd, every step recorded and from several different cameras.  Though people could be heard whispering, not an n-word was to be heard.

Those congressmen lied.

Remember the lie about poor innocent Trayvon?  And the lie about the gentle giant?  Remember how the tape of George Zimmerman's phone call was deliberately altered to make it sound as though he was a racist?  And the lie about the Duke lacrosse team?  And let's not forget Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton's lie. 

Lie after lie after lie.

Whites who use the n-word are few in number.  Among blacks, however, you hear the n-word all the time, every single day, every hour of every day.  And we all know it.  This would be what Schilling's talking about, and he's right.  Yet now we will again be treated to the press virtue-signaling its hatred of white racism by ganging up on Curt Schilling.  Schilling's no racist.  He's just got his doubts.

As does anyone with any sense.  Let's wait to see if any videos turn up that verify what Jones said, that prove that it was a white Boston fan and not a black Boston fan who yelled the n-word.  Or that the n-word was used at all. 

Then let's see what turns up in Barkley's "national conversation on race" apart from the usual condemnation of white racists and exculpation of black racists.  Racism is ugly behavior, rightly condemned by anyone with any sense of morality. 

And just as ugly practiced by a black as by a white.

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