A glimpse of Tehran, in video, days ahead of the election

These days in Iran, if you walk Tehran's streets or go on social media, you will see many posters that read:

No to the executioner Raisi; no to the demagogue Rouhani; my vote is for the regime's overthrow.

That is how the people of Iran see the choices before them.  They are talking about choosing between "worse" and "even worse."  The Iranian people, after 38 years under the clerical regime, do not expect anything from this election.  They have seen so many of these sham elections.  They know in their souls that elections do not mean anything in Iran.  What happens there is only a show to justify the absolute rule of Velayat-e Faqih.

It is time for the West to rid itself of this misguided perception, fomented by Tehran's lobby, that the people of Iran consider serious differences between the candidates.  The only difference is that one is an executioner who loudly confirms it and the other one talks moderately but acts exactly the same.

In the two following video clips, you will see that how the supporters of the pro-democracy People's Mujahidin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK) broke the atmosphere of fear and put up posters and placards, as well as wrote slogans on walls in public places and at major cross-streets to reflect the popular will.  They're worth a look here:

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