Yale students on 'symbolic hunger strike' almost too sad to be funny...almost

The childish antics of those allegedly pursuing greater insight into political science, the history of art, geology, and literature at Yale University by symbolically refusing to eat until they are hungry makes one wonder if a Yale University child psychiatrist experienced in dealing with the "terrible twos" temper tantrums should be called in.

As Roger Kimball has discovered, these behavioral two-year-olds "already get free tuition, free health care, and a $30,000 stipend."  Their mommies and daddies couldn't treat them better.

These adult children will be lucky to command that benefit package once they leave the comfortable Yale womb and venture forth into the real world – provided it is not another unreal, otherworldly university (h/t: Fausta Rodriguez Wertz).

While gazing at their faux scholarly navels, these symbolic fasters looked the other way – or even worse, agreed – while Yale University un-symbolically awarded their Gandhi Peace Prize to an avowed terrorist, murderer, and bigot, Omar Barghouti.  No Berkeley-style riots and destruction against a man who preaches and endorses and even practices horror.

Yale University and these hollow, mindless big children deserve each other.