Yale graduate students threaten ‘symbolic hunger strike’ where they eat only when hungry

More evidence accumulates that higher education has drifted off into its own universe, utterly detached from common sense and the society and polity upon which it depends for survival.

Alex Griswold reports in the Free Beacon:

A group of Yale University graduate students announced Tuesday evening that they would be undertaking a hunger strike to pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits. The strike is taking place in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home.

"Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away," the eight members of the graduate student union Local 33 announced. "We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating."

Going hungry for an extended time is indeed a show of dedication and solidarity.  But:

According to a pamphlet posted on Twitter by a  former Yale student, the hunger strike is "symbolic" and protesters can leave and get food when they can no longer go on.

Eating when hungry is not exactly a hunger strike.  It will work no better than a symbolic diet.

Do these snowflakes, allegedly among the brightest of their generation, thanks to their graduate studies at a prestigious university, understand how laughable they are?

A reckoning is coming.  Particularly among the most prestigious campuses, the legacy of actual scholarly achievement is being squandered.  Convinced of their own superiority to common folk simply by their membership in an elite institution, students and faculty are enmeshed in a web of self-delusion.

Given the huge dependency of higher education (even at private universities like Yale) on taxpayer funding (for research and student loans, not to mention tax exemption for massive endowments), a fall is coming.  There are other ways to acquire the products of higher education minus all the nonsense and excessive costs.