What was up with Tucker Carlson's first O'Reilly-slot interview?

If Tucker Carlson wanted to alienate Bill O'Reilly's massive audience, he couldn't have made a better choice for his debut as Factor host than Braitlyn Jenner.  Carlson says he wants to talk to Braitlyn about politics.  For the love of God, why him?  Braitlyn is no towering intellect (guessing his I.Q. in the low-average range).  Nor is there erudition or expertise in national or global politics.  Jenner has not held high office or achieved anything impressive outside of the arena of sports.  Hair and makeup, yes; politics, no.  Whom is Tucker Carlson going to bring into analyze the Korean crisis: RuPaul?

Tucker probably had no choice.  In an April 22 puff piece about James and Lachlan Murdoch, the N.Y. Times quietly celebrated Fox News's hard-left lurch into LGBT obeisance.  The younger Murdochs are quoted as offering the new benefit of "expanded coverage for our transgender colleagues."  That might explain Tucker's kickoff with Braitlyn.

Transsexuality was recast as "transgenderism" several years ago for political purposes.  The left-wing skull-crushing indoctrination of political dominance for minority sexualities is served by the term "gender."  True male-to-female transsexuality is a psychological condition characterized by an incompatibility between the full range of mental life and the physical body.  It is extremely rare, occurring in one out of tens of thousands of males.  Braitlyn Jenner is not a true male-to-female transsexual.  He could not have lived the life he did if he were.  Bruce Jenner used his extraordinary masculine physical gifts for incomparable athletic achievement, for fame, fortune, serial monogamy, and procreation.  Good for him and for America.  But when he realized that the Bruce Jenner franchise was petering out, he changed sex identification and appearance.

A man should be judged first and foremost on his care for his family.  Has Braitlyn's change of appearance helped his family?  It refashioned the story of his children's lives to suggest he wasn't authentic in the man he appeared to be.  Jenner recently published private details of his last marriage in a tell-all book that his ex-wife called a pack of lies.  To top it off, the story of Bruce Jenner's life includes a vehicular homicide, which he skated away from.  Jenner is perfect for the great blurring up descending upon Fox.

Jenner's transition wasn't to prevent suicide.  It was in essence a lifestyle change.  But the awards and attention that have been showered on him, now by Fox News, are detrimental to the American ethos of honoring real sacrifice and also corrode national mental health.  So-called transgenderism is controversial and always will be because it is violent to the natural body.

In 2016, the American College of Pediatricians issued a statement that labeled transgender processing of children as child abuse.  The psychological energy required to demand acceptance as a member of the opposite sex is so tremendous that it precludes high achievement in other, more important endeavors.  It's sad to see the enormous platform Bill O'Reilly built over twenty years used in the service of the political pro-sexuality and transgenderism misfortune.

The statement that Dana Perino read on 4/19 from the Fox executives that summed up O'Reilly for his high ratings signaled their contempt for his audience.  Failing to enumerate what O'Reilly achieved –  just one example of many is his keeping the murder of Kate Steinle in front of the American people – makes the Fox statement demeaning.  O'Reilly projected healthy anger and creative outrage when necessary, sentiments no longer tolerated in white heterosexual men.  Standing up for what is right is out; estrogen shots are in.

Tucker Carlson will not be allowed to envision a bolder, fresher chapter for The Factor.  What a great thing if Carlson's first guest were Michael Savage, or someone from the new media like Clarice Feldman or the mysterious Iowahawk.  Not going to happen.  But there is one upside to Braitlyn for the litigation-weary Fox: no normal heterosexual man is going to hit on him.  Imagine the pick-up line: "Hey, baby – with legs like those, you could win a decathlon."