What happens to labor and the Democrats now?

Everybody is obsessed with President Trump's 100 days. Thank God that's over!   So let's move to a story that may actually have electoral consequences! I found this article by Michael Tomasky rather interesting:    We spent more of our 50 minutes together talking about the Democrats than we did about Trump. He didn’t want to lay into Hillary Clinton personally, but he did point out to me that fact about her doing less well among his members than Obama had, and he had some sharp words for the Democratic message in last year’s campaign -- and for Bill Clinton. “The Democratic Party quite frankly had no coherent economic message,” he said. “Workers have been facing stagnant wages, dropping benefits, and economic security being taken away from them over a 40-year period. Trump said a lot of stuff -- hasn’t followed through on it, but said it, and they were willing to take a chance.” The problems, he said,...(Read Full Post)