UK officials admit there are 6-10,000 jihadis loose in the country

Most counterterrorism operations take place below the radar. Across the western world, terror cells are busted up and networks disrupted as raids lead to arrests. They are rarely publicized beyond terse statements to the media giving the bare bones outline of the operation. But on Friday, British counterterrorism units broke up two terrorist plots on the same day, highlighting the constant struggle of officials to keep their citizens safe. And one UK official made the extraordinary statement that raids were being conducted "almost daily" and that authorities believed there were between 6-10,000 potential terrorists in the country. Breitbart: "I wanted to reassure the public that our increased activity to combat terrorism over the last two years continues,” he said. The statement came following an “extraordinary day” in which police apprehended a migrant carrying a rucksack filled with knives in Whitehall and, in a separate...(Read Full Post)