Trumped by Trump

They say timing is everything.  This year, North Korea's Kim Jong-un's "Day of the Sun" parade to celebrate the birthday of North Korea's founder and show off North Korea's Musudan missile ended up heralding North Korea's sixth failed missile/nuclear test.  It coincided with Passover Week and Holy Week's Saturday Easter Vigil (both Catholic and Orthodox) celebrations around the world.

By Easter Sunday morning, Kim Jong-un's party had ended but was not over.  The U.S. Pacific Command was still in place.  And China supposedly had terminated North Korea's coal imports, among other reported conciliatory concessions, ever since China's visiting leader, Xi Jinping, enjoyed "the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen" at the Xi-Trump Mar-a-Lago summit.

Kim wasn't the only one who got trumped by Trump over a crucial interval.  By Sunday, the mainstream media could have shared stories of their own with Kim.

Start with the not to be missed news conference with Conan Nolan (Los Angeles KNBC4 local news) featuring Congressman Ed Royce, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, referencing the existing North Korea Sanctions Act to pre-empt North Korea selling fissile material and parts.  That wasn't good news for Kim.

Next up, @CNNSOTU: Congressman Royce cited specific sanctions to effectively impose on North Korea, this time with Jake Tapper: "Shut down any foreign banks doing any kind of business in hard currency with North Korea" – and, Royce deftly added, "some 10 Chinese banks."  That wasn't good news for Xi.

Oh, wait – the analysts must have their say.  Easter Sunday morning is the perfect time for CNN to bash the United States Navy & United States military, especially its commander-in-chief.  Six minutes into their idle chitchat, when Jake's producer suddenly cues Jake to check the Twitterverse...say what?!  The tweeter-in-chief was tweeting his own personal message worldwide, live from Florida, serving up the second "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen."

Jake, Xi, and Kim were left to eat that cake.