Trump is warned that he can't just do what he wants

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne wrote an opinion article that lectures Donald Trump that he can't just do what he wants.  A few of the examples Dionne gives are that Trump hasn't released his tax returns, that White House visitor logs will no longer be made public, that Trump spends a lot of time at his house in Florida, and that instead of telling the president of Turkey what Dionne wanted him to say, Trump congratulated that president for winning (heaven forbid).

None of the things Dionne cites in his article violates Trump's oath of office or the Constitution.  Unlike Obama, Trump looks as though he will go through Congress to change or make laws.  Obama seemed to have no inhibitions against changing, making, or ignoring laws when violating his oath and the Constitution.  Separation of powers meant nothing to Obama.

I do not recall Dionne writing warnings to Obama or objecting when:

  • Obama continually changed tax provisions and other provisions of the ACA without going through Congress.
  • Obama illegally robbed low-income housing funds from Fannie and Freddie Mac to fill in shortfalls at Obamacare.
  • Obama couldn't get the DREAM Act passed through Congress so unilaterally implemented it anyway.
  • Obama and the Justice Department allowed sanctuary cities to ignore immigration but sued states like Arizona that wanted to enforce the laws of the land.
  • Obama allowed his secretary of state to continually violate security laws and personally corresponded with her on a non-secure server and pretending he didn't know.
  • Obama lifted the travel ban and other restrictions on Communist Cuba without going through Congress.
  • Obama agreed to a deal with the terrorist-sponsoring Iran without getting approval from Congress.
  • Obama agreed to the Paris climate accord without getting approval from Congress.
  • Obama refused to enforce immigration laws, clearly violating his oath of office.
  • Obama continually blocked pipelines that had cleared regulatory hurdles.
  • Obama had the EPA intentionally write regulations without going through Congress to bankrupt coal companies.
  • Obama and Michelle took separate jets to their family vacations.

Even Dionne's own Washington Post recognized how secretive the Obama administration was.

And PBS showed how Obama's people absolutely ignored and stymied FOIA requests.

So it is really rich and hypocritical when Dionne writes such a warning article 100 days into Trump's term when he never wrote a similar piece during Obama's 2,920-day term.

Something we can count on for Trump's four- to eight-year term is that WaPo, AP, NYT, LAT, USAT, and the major networks reporters will trash Trump every day, no matter what he does.  Their agenda is the same as the Democrats' agenda, which is to destroy Trump.

The Media Research Center released a study that showed that 89% of the coverage of Trump has been negative since he was elected.  It is a wonder that his approval ratings are around 40% (around 50% in Rasmussen, which the major news outlets somehow ignore) when almost all the coverage is negative.

Trump could allow all the homeless to stay at the White House and feed them every day, and the headline would be "Trump exploiting homeless to improve poll numbers."

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