Tom Perez: Not a popular guy with Democrats

Democratic Party chairman Tom Perez drew a loud round of boos – not from his right-wing opponents, but from his fellow Democrats up in Bernie Sanders country at a Democratic activist event in Portland, Maine.  According to The Daily Caller:

"Maybe you came though because you're curious about the new DNC chairman and the future of the Democratic party," [Maine's Young Democrats' leader Claire] Cummings said, referring to Perez.

This, time, however, the crowd reacted with boos and a few scattered cheers[.]

So much for the guy who was supposed to bring in party unity and hose out all the old Hillary Clinton apparatchiks and bring in fresh blood.  He's as unpopular as she is among many Democrats.

Maybe that's because Democrats have yet to apologize to their base for cheating and rigging their primaries to ensure that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee, throwing the enthusiasm of Bernie's supporters straight into the trash bucket.  Sanders was popular, and there's plenty of evidence out there that the Democratic establishment stole many primary victories from him.  It certainly seemed so out in California, for one.

As Bill Clinton once said in response to insurmountable odds: "We'll just have to win then."

Apparently, the Democrats, under Perez, haven't changed a bit.  And they use those Clintonian situation ethics on their own base first.

The discontent among the Democrats comes as Perez has cooked up a "Democratic Unity Commission," apparently to shut these angry Democrats up, and named 23 members.

They might start by acknowledging their role in cheating Sanders of the nomination and apologizing to the base.  If that happens, I'll eat my hat.

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