The vast wasteland that is the Sunday news shows

No one should waste time watching any of the five Sunday news programs.  They are all of a piece, joined at the hip in their singular campaign against President Trump.  The hosts of each show are leftists, including Chris Wallace of Fox – that apple did not fall far from the tree.

The rest of them – Dickerson (CBS), Todd (NBC), Tapper (CNN), Stephanopoulos, and Raddatz (ABC) – are fleas on the same dog.  Not one of them is distinguishable from the others.  They proudly antagonize any conservative guest, then strive and grovel to inflate Democrat guests. They verbally bully every Republican and lick the boots of every Democrat.  Whatever talking points are issued to them, they obediently beat them to a pulp.  They do this on every show, every week.  Each program is a submissive arm of the Democrats.  They do not offer objective news; they aim to indoctrinate, to propagandize.  Their panels are chock-full of progressives, with maybe one token conservative who is regularly shouted down.  The progs happily pronounce the Trump administration a failure after less than a hundred days in office.  These people are out of their minds.

On Sunday, April 2, each host continued to push the fake story about Trump colluding with Russia during the presidential campaign.  Leftists have historically been partial to Russia, ready to appease the former Soviet Union in the blink of an eye or on a hot mic, until they pounced on the collusion hoax to explain Clinton's loss to Trump.  There are numerous illicit connections among the Clintons, their foundation, and campaign personnel, involving millions of dollars, but the Democrats have swept all those under the rug.  Instead, they have devised a fake scandal with which to endlessly indict the Trump administration.

Chris Wallace, while interviewing EPA head Scott Pruitt, cited NOAA numbers without revealing that that institution along with NASA has been caught falsifying those numbers.  Wallace cited wildly fabricated predictions on the consequences of increasing CO2 in our atmosphere.  The Obama administration's EPA doomsday "studies" were used over the past eight years to justify ever multiplying regulations that have hamstrung the economy.  It never occurs to Wallace to verify anything that comes from the left; he accepts whatever fake studies they distribute to the mind-numbed media, willing dupes all.

These people care not a whit about the country and the preservation of our democratic republic.  At this point in time, they care only about taking out Trump, and they will go to ridiculous and dangerous lengths to do it.

Mysteriously, not one of the five Sunday shows addressed the revelations of Evelyn Farkas, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia, on MSNBC on March 2, two days before Trump tweeted his "wiretapped" accusation.  The video came to light just this past week and verifies what Trump has been saying.  She made it abundantly clear that she and her fellow travelers were trying to gather existing and feloniously garnered intel on Trump and to see that it was leaked to the NYT and Washington Post, which it was.

This is a dangerous and treasonous bunch, our mainstream media.  Obama's abrogation of the Constitution throughout his eight years in office was effective permission for the media to disregard the few rules of objective journalism that were still minimally observed.  Today, it is all-out war against the new administration.  Media lies to take Trump down are now de rigueur.

These media folk are like rabid dogs barking Russia, Russia, Russia.  What will become of them when it all falls apart, and it is proven that the Obama administration or Hillary surrogates surveilled the Trump campaign for purely political reasons?  Like SNL's Emily Litella, they will just shrug and say, "Never mind."  They have no shame.

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