The recrudescence of Spain's most annoying leftwing judge

Remember 'Judge' Baltasar Garzon? The vaunted Spanish windbag who was booted from his job in 2012 for abuse of power, but not before he made a heckuva mess? The pioneer in leftist virtue-signaling who issued the 1998 arrest warrant for Chile's ailing military leader, Augusto Pinochet, in London after Chile had already sorted things out with him, wanting to stir the communists' pot? He's been the darling of the Eurotrash left for years. Lady Thatcher had some choice words for this leftist, and oh, are they worth listening to.

But with nothing better to do with himself, he's back. Meddling in Chilean affairs like an old colonial master - and in a way reminiscent of the last way he meddled in Chilean affairs, not by harassing the now-deceased Pinochet but by doing what he really wanted all along: dismantling Chile's free market revolution. It's been his agenda since he first heard of the place. He's just never been so open and blatant.

He's a real piece of work. Here's a recent tweet showing him joining Chile's communists in a march to end Chile's successsful private pension system, designed by free market genius Jose Pinera. What he wants, of course, is a government bureaucrat-designed system where workers are told how much they must save, what size of pension checks they are allowed, when they get to retire, and where their savings will go. What makes him sick is the thought of Chilean workers retiring on average pensions quite a bit bigger than Spain's or for that matter, the U.S. if you look at the Social Security payouts. John Tierney of the New York Times actually proved it. In Garzon's view, Chile's workers must be completely powerless and subject to the whims of the state, largely the way they were when Garzon's hero, Salvador Allende. a paid KGB agent and Castro supplicant, ruled the Chilean roost in 1973.

Sound like communism? It is.

And with this meddling march in Santiago, Garzon's real agenda now stands revealed for what it was all along.





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