Suddenly, the left is all worried about a 'coup' in Chavista Venezuela

Does it get more disgusting than this?  As millions – and I mean millions and millions – of Venezuelans march to protest the horrors of socialism – and the New York Times notes that the very poor, whom socialists claim to champion, are among them – a band of the usual suspects among Chavista shills in the U.K. are suddenly all concerned about a "coup."  In a group letter to the Guardian (naturally), they write:

We note the growing concern across Latin America that elements of the right wing within Venezuela have called again for the ousting of the elected president, Nicolás Maduro – including overt calls on the military to oust the president – before the constitutional end of his term (Editorial, 26 April). This follows the US decision to renew sanctions against Venezuela. With Donald Trump attacking Venezuela during his election campaign, there is great concern that he may step up intervention aimed at regime change. We call for respect for Venezuela's national sovereignty and an end to such interventions.

John Pilger, Richard Gott, Andy de la Tour, Michael Mansfield QC, John Hendy QC, Judith Amanthis, Dr Julie Hearn, Dr Hazel Marsh, Professor Frank Land, Salma Yaqoob

What a bunch of jackasses.  The opinions of the millions who marched don't matter to them, nor does the loss of democracy that is propelling the marches in this country upset this bunch.  There they sit, safely ensconced in London, where they don't have to live with this, complaining about a potential coup.  The lack of food doesn't bother them, the ruined hospitals don't register, and the fact that the country is awash in crime and the country's leaders are verifiable drug dealers goes right through them.

But a coup!  Now, that's different.  That's to be feared.  Chavista "revolución" must be preserved at all costs, because, well...socialism.  The left still clings to its socialist dreamscape, no matter what the reality.  Never mind that this whole Rubicon of a coup possibility was crossed long ago, when the Chavista thugs lost all legitimacy as elected leaders by seizing power.  Howling about a coup in these circumstances rings pretty hollow after the statement millions and millions of Venezuelans made last week.

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