The Drug Called LGBT

Addictive drugs provide several benefits for people who take them.  They enable the user to turn away from reality and avoid facing the real problems of life.  Drugs provide enjoyable feelings that temporarily relieve stress but siphon off the energy to create real happiness.  They also imprison the user in a welcome but false sense of aloneness, enabling the intoxicated to separate from others and ignore the needs of the real people around them.  The expectorant "LGBT" has become such a drug for the people who are addicted to it.

Yapping "LGBT," especially when combined with the meaningless term "community," provides all three drug effects for the addicted yapper.  Using "LGBT community" enables people who like to yammer about politics to turn away from any recognition of political, economic, or even social realities.  Two or three LGBTs taken daily allow addicts to feel good about themselves for no apparent reason.  In fact, high-dosage LGBTs stimulate a trip on hallucinated virtue and self-satisfaction while simultaneously blocking off a sense of responsibility to their nation or real community.

There is a fourth purpose of the verbal knee-jerk "LGBT community."  It is a cover for people who are not intelligent or mentally clear enough to think about complex issues.  That was on display during Tucker Carlson's pitiful "interview" with Braitlyn Jenner.  After a rambling answer, in which Jenner said the Olympic Committee is the best arbiter for high schools in Texas, where testosterone-drenched muscles are pounding undrugged girls into the mats, Carlson dropped any attempt to ask serious questions.  To do so would have seemed like elder abuse against a mildly cognitively impaired person, and Tucker just let Jenner perseverate about "my community."  Braitlyn fashions himself as the courageous leader of this imaginary community and is allowed to maintain that delusion by an addled media craving their next LGBT fix.  In truth, the claptrap "LGBT" exploits the identities of individuals as heterogeneous as any other group of humans, and who would never choose Braitlyn Jenner as their leader.

Jenner was not even able to properly deliver the cliché, "It was more difficult to come out as a Republican than a transgender."  Nationally, LGBT addiction is experiencing terminal seizures.  Sufferers are starting to babble, swaying on the brink of spent binges, and about to crash into oblivion.  The last resort of LGBT addicts is to focus on suicide and murder.  Jenner made some senseless remarks about nobody caring when "trans" "women" are murdered.  Imagine if Jenner had provided a single fact to back up this outrageous accusation.  Imagine if he had named a single police force in America that refuses to investigate such murders, or a single prosecutor's office that refuses to bring such murderers to trial.

Braitlyn was at the most confident defining the difference between sexuality and gender.  Wrong again.  Gender is for pronouns; sex is for people.  It doesn't matter that the whole world uses the wrong word; it is still wrong.  Simone de Beauvoir did not pen The Second Gender.

Binary sex structure is the set-up for mammals, birds, reptiles.  But not flatworms – let's give them flatworms.  Because Braitlyn Jenner monetizes himself as the face of trangenderism, he is under pressure to convince people he was always really a woman.  He says, "I've always dealt with this."  Everyone deals with something.  Any clouded feelings Bruce Jenner may have had about his sex, he dealt with his body about as well as Albert Einstein dealt with physics.  Looking at this man who once had a handsome face and physical abilities the gods would envy, and who is no longer a man, but not really a woman, underscores how harmful it is when LGBT pushers try to instill doubt and confusion in children about their sex.

LGBT dopers are meeting with increasing resistance and even resentment from the non-addicts.  Sexuality minorities are free in law and in custom to live how they choose, but not to force their views on others.  LGBT addicts, desperate for another fix of political power that is not coming, have taken to falsifying the reason people with h and b and t (homo, bi, transsexual) elements of mind are at heightened risk to harm themselves.  Clue: It's not because of other people's phobia.

Now to Tucker.  Here's the question.  Tucker Carlson is gifted at poking holes in what he believes to be false, but he has not demonstrated talent for forcefully articulating what he believes to be true.  The major political opinionators (predominantly conservative) relish opening their sets with what they take to be brilliant discourses (e.g., "The Memo").  That is their natural proclivity.  Not so for Carlson.

Tucker Carlson's well bred quizzicality is an enjoyable antidote to O'Reilly's street level, brash assurances.  The challenge for Carlson to carry The Factor is that it is not in his nature to be a factor himself.