Target (still) losing money after transgender rule

In case you have wondered, Target's policy allowing people to use whichever restroom or fitting room comforts them is still costing the store.

At Yahoo! Finance:

Target triggered a nationwide boycott last year with a single blog post – and it turns out the message was as big of a shock to the company's CEO as it was to some shoppers.

The blog post, published in April 2016, publicized a policy that said transgender customers were welcome to use the bathroom or fitting room that matched their gender identity.

"Everyone deserves to feel like they belong," the post said. "And you'll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target."

Target CEO Brian Cornell never approved the post and found out about it only after it was published, according to The Wall Street Journal.

He later told colleagues that he wouldn't have approved the decision to "flaunt" the policy and that the backlash was "self-inflicted," The Journal reported.

The boycott cost the company millions in lost sales and added expenses. Shopper traffic and same-store sales started sliding for the first time in years after the blog post, and the company was forced to spend $20 million installing single-occupancy bathrooms in all its stores to give critics of the policy more privacy.

Critics of the policy said it opened the door for sexual predators to victimize women and children inside the retailer's bathrooms, and more than 1.4 million people signed a pledge to stop shopping at Target unless it reversed the policy.

Yes, this policy does open up restrooms and fitting rooms to sexual predators.  That's been the concern all along.  Usually, leftists (and some conservatives of a libertarian bent) reply that laws against predation are already on the books.  But this misses the point.  The "open doors" policy allows predators easier access and requires women to confront them, when the longstanding traditional solution is best: a male, even if he feels like a woman, should use the public facility for men.  Then women don't have to worry about anything unseemly and possibly violent.

The boycott is having its desired outcome.  Any chance Target will change its policy and make the announcement on national media?  Or is CEO Brian Cornell scared of unreasonable leftists?

James Arlandson's website is Live as Free People, where he has posted the battle between gender ideology and fact.

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