State audit slams Janet Napolitano’s office of University of California president

Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California, is not only missing in action as her premier campus is embroiled in a free speech crisis and threatened mob violence, she has run an operation that just received a scathing audit. Patrick McGreevy of the Los Angeles Times reports:  The administration of the University of California system pays top workers salaries and benefits significantly higher than that of similar state employees, and failed to disclose to the Board of Regents and the public that it had $175 million in budget reserve funds while it was seeking to raise tuition, a state audit found Tuesday. The audit triggered a dispute with UC President Janet Napolitano, who said charges of hidden funds were false…. (snip) The audit of the Office of the President also found that it failed to satisfactorily justify its spending on system-wide initiatives and “inappropriately” screened surveys submitted by auditors to campus...(Read Full Post)