'Somebody's got to go to jail, Ben.' Susan Rice? Evelyn Farkas? Ben Rhodes?

Or someone even higher up? The quote is from the film National Treasure.  It is a terrific film about the theft of the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives.  The film is chock-full of real American history mixed with actual patriotism, the bête noire of the left. We Americans find ourselves at a tipping point.  It appears that the Obama administration, with the willing submission of our intelligence agencies, surveilled Donald Trump, his campaign, and his transition team beginning as early as October 2015 and escalated the activity after he won the election.  Why?  No one thought in October that he would win the presidency, and yet surveillance began three months after he announced his candidacy.  What did these spies hope to discover?  Something to take him out, to be sure.  Of what were they so afraid?  That he could actually win?  Indeed, they were apparently afraid of exactly...(Read Full Post)