Palm Sunday blasts rock Egypt: Islamist beasts at it again

The Islamofascist beasts are at it again. Today they blew up St. Mark's Church in Alexandria, Egypt, where the Coptic leader, Pope Tawadros II, had been attending Palm Sunday mass, killing 11. They slaughtered another 25 at St. George's Church at mass in Tantos, Egypt.

Writing as catechist whose passion is to teach the children of Beverly Hills all about the great St. Mark (did so last week) and the magnificent St. George (earlier this year) and the glory of Palm Sunday (yesterday) and the fascinating significance of Easter eggs among the Iranian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Russian children (yesterday) ... it makes me sick.

What a heinous crime on one of the most majestic, wondrous and highly anticipated spiritual days of the Christian calendar, Palm Sunday, one where Egypt's diminishing Christian minority still commemorate in faith as they have been commemorating for 2000 years. The Copts, who are the oldest Christians, have a particular reverence for it. This attack is a direct assault on Christianity and on God himself. Do I have to say this too? It's the work of the devil.

It's beyond despicable, I feel such sadness for the good people of Egypt who have had to endure this atrocity. Just as the chemical attack in Syria shocked all of our consciences, this attack in Egypt does the same. It's the work of beastly barbarians acting in the name of some anti-faith that has nothing to do with the good Muslim people we all know. Yes, there are arguments about this, but as I say, this is the work of dark Satanic forces no matter what its perpetrators call themselves.

It calls for airstrikes with as much moral clarity as President Trump's airstrikes on Syria earlier this week.

That's not practical, unfortunately, but it does show what kind of impact the retaliatory response must have. President Trump just met with President al-Sisi of Egypt this week. The two vowed to strengthen their cooperation in eradicating terror. The Muslim-brotherhood-linked terrorists who likely did this undoubtedly wanted to send a message to Egypt's Christians that while airstrikes might work in Syria, Egypt's terrorists weren't fazed by them. In their contempt, their atrocities would continue because they considered al-Sisi weak. They may actually have wanted to punish him for supporting Trump' airstrikes.

Why do I think this? Because of the symbolism of the struck churches' names. St. Mark, the lion of the Gospel, wrote the oldest of the Gospels and Coptic Christians are the oldest of the Christians. The Coptic pope being at the mass was also a factor, but the name Mark is worth noting, too.

The attack in Tantos, of St. George's Church, is even more significant: St. George is the symbol of Muslims and Christians alike in Jordan, which supported the anti-terror strikeback raid into Syria.

Sisi is weak, and the society he leads is shot through with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers. That makes it very difficult to root out the perpetrators and more important discourage future terror attacks.

The thing that would throw them for a loop would be the negation of any of these assumptions or narratives. Can Sisi make them pay? Can Trump do something unexpected o avenge the innocent in Egypt too? Can the U.S. cooperation with Egypt become extremely effective, perhaps another Plan Colombia, renamed as Plan Egypt? These are all questions for the fallout that will inevitably occur in the wake of these shocking attack.

For now, it's impossible to not just mourn the good and holy Egyptian victims.