Meet the liberals President Trump is considering for chief of staff

President Trump is reportedly considering replacing Reince Priebus, his chief of staff, and Steve Bannon, his chief strategist.

President Trump is considering a broad shakeup of his White House that could include the replacement of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the departure of chief strategist Steve Bannon, aides and advisers tell us.

The candidates are:

1) Kevin McCarthy.  McCarthy is the House majority leader and a right-hand man of former Speaker John Boehner.  During the Obama years, he steadfastedly refused to confront Obama on the budget, but he did attack conservatives who would not vote to lift the debt ceiling or approve more spending.  When Boehner suddenly departed, McCarthy was the leading candidate to replace him.  Then some unproven rumors surfaced that McCarthy was caucusing privately with fellow Rep. Renee Ellmers in a decidedly unpolitical way, and McCarthy decided he no longer wanted to be speaker.  It didn't mean the rumors were true; he just changed his mind at the last minute.

I think, except for his liberal voting record and his possible susceptibility to blackmail, McCarthy would be a great chief of staff pick.

2) Wayne Berman.  Berman was an undersecretary of commerce in the George W. Bush administration.  Berman was a close friend of John McCain and a former finance chairman of his presidential campaign.  Berman founded his own lobbying firm, Berman Enterprises. 

With his McCain credentials showing that he's a rock-solid conservative, and his lobbying background, I think Berman is uniquely qualified to help Trump "drain the swamp" of lobbyists like himself.

3) David Urban.  David Urban is another longtime Republican who was the former chief of staff to former senator Arlen Specter, a Republican who became a Democrat.  I guess you could say Urban is innately bipartisan because he's worked for both Republicans and Democrats!  He worked as a lobbyist for American Continental Group, so, like Wayne Berman, Urban will also know where to go to start draining that swamp!

4) Gary Cohn.  Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs exec, is  currently Trump's economic adviser.  The WaPo calls him a moderate, so at least we know he's no liberal!

Cohn is a registered Democrat, though he is known by many Republicans through his work at Goldman or summer parties in the Hamptons.


Now, despite his working-class roots, in some ways, Gary Cohn represents everything that many Trump voters hate. He's a registered Democrat. He's reportedly been a voice for gay rights in the White House. He's also now a super rich former Wall Street executive who supports free trade and globalization. Those are things that, during the campaign, Trump basically blamed for ruining America. But after seeing the more extreme and fringy advisers surrounding the president, more centrist watchers of the economy were relieved to see Trump pick Cohn as his top economic adviser.

I think Cohn would be a reasonable pick as well.  He could reach out to Democrats and work across the aisle.  And he also knows that Republicans from his parties in the Hamptons.

Exit question:

1) If this list is true, what does it show us about President Trump's political preferences?

2) How would you feel if Steve Bannon were fired and one of these guys were hired as chief of staff?

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