Looking for a 'Bush v Gore' in Ecuador

A couple of Sundays ago, Ecuador had a presidential election, and a leftist named Lenin Moreno defeated a center-right businessman, Guillermo Lasso. It was so close that Mr. Lasso called for a recount, especially after some "irregularities" showed up.   So the left opted for the Gore gambit, or a partial recount of the votes (via Fausta's Blog). Guess who won the partial recount!  Who else but the leftist named after Lenin?  Whom else did you expect when the incumbent president running the recount was committed to the leftist winning? This is from the BBC: Following a recount of almost 1.3 million votes in Ecuador, the electoral council has confirmed left-wing candidate Lenín Moreno as the winner of the presidential poll held on 2 April. The recount slightly boosted Mr Moreno's margin over his conservative rival, Guillermo Lasso. Mr. Lasso had demanded a full recount citing allegations of fraud but the...(Read Full Post)