Latest 'cultural appropriation': Badminton for charity

Fraternity boys raising money for veterans?  We can't have that – not if they do it with cultural appropriation!

Seems as though the lads of Sigma Alpha Mu at American University wanted to raise money for Armor Down with a badminton session, calling the event Bad(minton) and Boujee, a play on a popular rap song.  (If, like me, you've never listened to "Bad and Boujee," you can do so on YouTube.  One minute was enough for me.)

The most disturbing part of this story is that it took an assistant director for fraternity and sorority life to determine that the fundraiser was cultural appropriation.  I wonder what he is paid!  Well into six figures, no doubt.  All to police events like Bad(minton) and Boujee.

Politicians and academics are always crying that "higher" education is too expensive – up over 300% in constant dollars at public universities in the past 40 years.

Maybe if they put assistant directors for fraternity and sorority life to work doing something useful, such as hauling out the trash or washing windows, tuition would not have to outpace inflation.

Henry Percy is the nom de guerre of a writer in Arizona.  He may be reached at saler.50d[at]

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