LA's sneaky elites cook up new way to undercut charter schools – and fool no one

The Los Angeles teacher unions, the L.A. Unified School District bureaucrats, and all their court eunuchs in Sacramento know they can't take on charter schools directly anymore.  They're just too popular.  So they have cooked up a way to stop them through death by a thousand cuts.  Through a series of proposed regulations, they now mean to make charter schools every bit as horrible as public schools.  Since they can't beat them, it's all about dragging their rivals down to their own level.

That's the story in the Los Angeles Daily News, which reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District got an earful from angry parents who see right through their new efforts to kill off charter schools.  The ugly details:

Charter school parents, students and administrators packed the meeting room at the Los Angeles Unified School District board meeting Tuesday to voice opposition to state legislation they said will hurt charter schools.

But despite their large presence, the board narrowly voted later in the day in favor of a resolution to support three bills: Assembly bills 1360 and 1478 and State Senate Bill 808.

Supporters say the three will increase oversight of charter schools. But State Senate Bill 808 was especially galling to those who turned out to speak to the board. That bill would give local school districts, like LAUSD, sole power over whether to approve petitions to create new charter schools or renew those petitions so charter schools can keep operating. Currently, charter schools can appeal to the California State and county boards of education if their charter petitions are denied by local districts.

Just look at the photos from this story: angry black parents surrounded by happy black child propaganda posters from the district, confronting an indifferent, hardened, often white bureaucratic elite, as they demand a quality education from their kids.  The picture resembles Bull Connor or George Wallace (all Democrats) confronting black children seeking education by standing at the schoolhouse door.

It's disgusting.  Do these bureaucrats in their endless power-grabs ever listen to these parents?  Do they ever, ever, ever pay any attention to the concerns of these people they purport to serve?  They really don't.  The second paragraph of the Daily News story in the quoted material above shows it.  So now these bureaucrats have their power-grab, and the parents are left shaking their fists in frustration.  The administrative state triumphs again.

Maybe this is another straw on the camel's back for ending Los Angeles's long reign as a blue city.  It's hard to say how these parents vote – but there were a quite a few black voters who supported Donald Trump in the last election.  It highlights that Los Angeles and California itself are a one-party state with all the corruption, the entrenched special interests, and the zero focus on the voters that that incubates.  And that translates to this sort of indifference to parents of this hearing, as well as these sneaky little regulatory power-grabs still bubbling up like toad's gall in some witches' brew.

One can only hope these Los Angeles parents get the relief they deserve with exposure and support from outside rolling on in.

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