Howard Dean announces Ann Coulter’s ‘hate speech’ is not protected by the First Amendment

Remember Howard Dean?  He was once the head of the Democratic Party as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Governor of the State of Vermont. He was considered a viable contender for the Democrats’ nomination for president in 2004 until he uttered the scream that will live on forever:


His sanity does not seem have returned, as Areilla Phillips of the Washington Examiner reports:

Former Vermont governor and Democratic National Comittee chairman Howard Dean called out conservative pundit Ann Coulter on Twitter.

Dean said, "Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment."



J.J. Sefton of Ace of Spades HQ has posted the perfect response to this idiocy:

Let me say for his benefit and any other Leftist reading this, there is no such thing as hate speech. There's only speech. And in this country, it's still a G-d given right. So long as it does not openly incite violence, it's guaranteed. In any case it is you and your party and political movement that incite the violence, fought for slavery and segregation, locked citizens up in concentration camps, destroyed lives via a crushing socialist welfare state, that seeks the eradication of our Constitution, the dissolution of our society and the consolidation of power via unchecked mass migration and chaos. Barack Obama encouraged your minions not to sit down and have a civilized discourse over a cup of coffee but to get in our faces. You sir and your rotten ilk are the fascists and totalitarians. Much as it might personally satisfy me to see you muzzled, you have a right to spew your idiotic, inchoate drivel as much as I or Ann Coulter have the right to call you out on it. You, sir, are a tiresome fool, but you are dangerous nonetheless. If you are given time to obliquely if not openly call for the abolition of the 1st Amendment and a citizen's right to speak, I cannot allow that to go unanswered because if you have your way, I won't ever be able to.

I can only add that Dean’s explicit denial of First Amendment protections to people that he disagrees with is preferable to the weasel-dodges being employed by University of California officials.  

The Democratic Party’s Left is unmasking itself as fascists.

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