How to fix society? Maybe this will work

Are we talking panic button or preservation?  I will let you be the judge, but we would be foolish to not consider more than a few of the thoughtful sentiments espoused by Rod Dreher, author of the modern-day religious manifesto The Benedict Option: The idea is that serious Christian conservatives could no longer live business-as-usual lives in America, that we have to develop creative, communal solutions to help us hold on to our faith and our values in a world growing ever more hostile to them. We would have to choose to make a decisive leap into a truly countercultural way of living Christianity, or we would doom our children and our children's children to assimilation[.] ... I have written The Benedict Option to wake up the church, and to encourage it to act to strengthen itself, while there is still time. CT magazine recently showcased Dreher's strategic vision: In my 2006 book, Crunchy Cons, which explored a countercultural, traditionalist...(Read Full Post)