Eyewitness in Caracas, from Venezuela's Mother of all Marches

Venezuela's gargantuan marches against the failed socialist tyranny of Nicolas Maduro have gone on low boil now, but it's worth looking at a good eyewitness report to see how the Mother of All Marches went on the ground.  Blogger Daniel in Venezuela has an excellent account, complete with photos and YouTube videos he shot himself, showing and describing the experience up close and personal.

It all started fairly normal. walking down El Cafetal and Chuao until arriving at the Caracas small airport, La Carlota. Still, things felt different, quite a stream of people even though already a lot of people had been going that way.  Also my group was a tad late for the official opening of our scheduled starting point (24 total in Caracas). We were in the tail end. Warm day[.] ...

Our trail merged with the one coming from Petare and Altamira, on the central highway at La Carlota. Words failed me when I saw the huge crowds and the huge flow.


I have been to a lot of marches folks, but this one, THIS ONE was something else. I do not think it is possible to do any bigger in Caracas (and probably anywhere else for that matter....).  I was stunned.

Daniel goes on to describe the terror at the mass event that follows, with details such as how the Chavista security organs took a bead on the protesters like the most menacing science fiction robots from cinema.

The thing that perturbs me the most here is that it started like that in the Arab Spring of Syria and it ended up as you all know.  I am afraid that the druze that our vice president is, Tareck El Aissami, indicted of terrorism and drug traffic, will have no problem turning Venezuela into the land of his ancestors.

His description of the sense of terror, from his own on-the-ground experience, and his point-of-view interpretation are simply superb.  His additional reflections the following day are must-reads, too.  This is what new media is about.  Read and see the whole thing here and here.