Elizabeth Warren's book says socialism will work like it's never worked before

Elizabeth Warren's new book, This Fight Is Our Fight, says ordinary folk could do better economically if we only had more government control and less individual freedom. As a liberal writer in the New York Times says: She rails against the growing concentration of income and wealth in the hands of a tiny elite[.] Is Warren referring to the U.S. government?  Perhaps the "tiny elite" she refers to are the legislative, judicial, and executive branches, which have more and more of our hard earned money and more control over us than any corporation ever could. She argues that this concentration of economic rewards has also undermined our political system ... Warren's right about that, in a way; when one group of citizens can vote themselves the money of another group of citizens, our political system is undermined. ... and links unequal wealth and power to the stagnating incomes, growing insecurity and diminishing opportunities...(Read Full Post)