Did you ever wonder why Chicago’s crime is out of control?

A website named Crime in Wrigleyville + Boystown (cwbchicgao.com) has proved to be invaluable in understanding the breakdown of civil order in Chicago.  Its unflinching gaze allows the facts to speak.  Often, it is simultaneously heartbreaking and amusing.

One important aspect of civil society is the rule of law, enforced by police, courts, and a penal system.  But what does "law and order" really mean here?

Plead Guilty To Robbery, Get Probation (Welcome To Cook County!)

Participation in two armed robberies of women in Lakeview has earned 20-year-old Jwan Farley a cakewalk sentence: Two years probation and a curfew from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Be sure to read the whole thing in order to get the background story here and experience a taste of Crime in Wrigleyville + Boystown.

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