Destroying Bill O'Reilly

For quite some time, I've watched The Factor at 7 P.M. or later at 10 P.M.  I always found the segments interesting, stimulating, and often funny, such as Miller's weekly contribution.

We learned that Fox said, "No más," and O'Reilly is off the air.  Put me down as one of those 4 million who aren't happy.     

Let me be clear that I don't support sexual harassment or the mistreatment of anyone in the work environment.

I do see a lot of selective indignation, especially when the allegations came from an article in the New York Times.  Isn't this the same paper that endorsed Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and loves Ted Kennedy?

Is Roger Simon right that this is really about Trump?  I think that Roger is on to something here:    

The real target in the defenestration of Bill was not O'Reilly himself but very obviously Donald Trump.  He's the Big Kahuna the obscenely named "Resistance" (hey, you idiots, that was about Auschwitz, not tax reform) is after and Bill was only a stop along the way.

Indeed, several of Bill's accusers, represented by the daughter of Gloria Allred, appear to be people who find Trump particularly loathsome. 

And the original story was broken by the New York Times, the literary capital of the "Resistance."

And how all of the advertisers were put together to unite against O'Reilly?  It's all too cute and organized for me!

By the way, does anyone at Mercedes-Benz, one of the advertisers that pulled out, really think people will buy more of their cars now because they pulled their ads?  Are they checking on the moral character of all of the other places where they advertise?

In a perfect world, men would treat women with respect, ladies would not seek professional or economic sugar daddies, MSNBC would do segments on the women who accused Bill Clinton, the feminists would refuse to support Hillary Clinton because she enabled her husband's misconduct, and "the flakes" in Harvard would call for the removal of everything Kennedy from the college because of allegations about that family's past.   

Of course, we don't live in a perfect world.  We live in one where leftists are out to destroy anyone whom they disagree with.  In other words, this is about not sexual harassment, but rather Fox News.  I hope that Mr. Murdoch's sons have figured that out!  It won't be long before another effort is made to bring down Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson because they promote "hate" or challenge guests on global warming.

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