Comey: DNC never allowed FBI access to hacked server

  Despite all the headlines pushing the Obama-generated fake news of Russia hacking the election, it turns out the DNC never allowed the FBI to inspect their compromised servers.  FBI director Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee a month ago that to this day, they have never inspected the hacked machines.  Instead of a direct FBI investigation, the DNC hired a private firm that shared its forensics with the FBI.  I wonder if the DNC hired the same firm that stored our national security secrets on Hillary Clinton's server in their bathroom closet. Why was the news of no FBI access buried by the press, when it came out in the transcripts of Nunes's Senate Intelligence Committee interview of Comey a month ago?  Why do the Democrats scream that we must get to the bottom of the Russian hacking and then block a full FBI investigation of the one thing we know was hacked – their server with Podesta's emails? The most important...(Read Full Post)