CNN, aka the unwatchable mess!

Yesterday, I was running around on business and made a quick stop at the friendly fast-food place.  

Well, I got my Big Meal and sat down to watch a little CNN on the big screen.

For the record, I was the only one on the crowded floor who was even paying attention to it.  I looked around, and most people were talking or doing something else.  My unscientific survey revealed that no one cared what was on the TV! 

So what did I learn from having a little CNN for lunch?

First, they really hate Bill O'Reilly.  I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before on any other network.  They did a whole segment on what a terrible man O'Reilly is.  It even included a message from the one and only Congresswoman Maxine Waters: she wants to put Bill in jail!  I guess we will do that after impeaching Trump, or something like that.

Speaking of O'Reilly, the "experts" were shocked to hear that President Trump said something nice about him.

For the record, I like O'Reilly, and it appears that I am not alone.  His numbers are still strong, a confirmation that people are still interested in the good work he does.  Obviously, I'd be concerned if there was a pattern of sexual harassment, but O'Reilly should explain himself before we assume it's all true.

It's amazing to watch a news network spend so much time talking about the guy on the other channel.  We used to see that all the time on MSNBC, but I expected a little more common sense from CNN.  On the other hand, maybe CNN is MSNBC with three letters!

The other segment was all about Syria and President Trump.  Most of this segment was spent demonstrating how then-private citizen Trump had encouraged President Obama to do nothing in Syria.  I guess the point was to show that President Trump is a bad person for now blaming the situation on President Obama's infamous red line.

Furthermore, they kept wondering if it is presidential to blame the predecessor.  Do you recall any of that when the Obama administration blamed Bush for everything under the sun?  I don't!

My friend William Katz has been posting about the decline of CNN.  We've discussed it many times.  Yesterday, I had a chance to see it for myself.

As I left the place, I reminded the manager that the Rangers replay their games at this time, and more people would appreciate watching that.  I hope he will oblige for my next visit!  CNN is indeed unwatchable!

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